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What is different about Harry Potter Large Print books to other Harry Potter books? 

Harry Potter Large print books contain the exact reading content of an original published book.  Sometimes the front and back cover art work is changed.  For the most part, the type font contained in these books are 1.5 to 2 times the size of the original book. Thus increasing a books number of pages to accommodate for the increase in text font size.   However some publishers have retained a large prints books page numbers by reducing margins to increase the  number of  lines on a single page along with using high quality fine pager reducing the overall size of the book.  

Initially, these books were created for the visually impaired, beginning or reluctant readers.  However, with the changes in our lifestyles – people who are exercising on machines trying to read a book in normal text size is a tad difficult to do!  However, with a large print book this is much easier to read!   We are in the technology revolution which involves us using  a large variety  of digital media for longer periods of time causing eye-strain.  To reduce eyes strain some people are finding reading a large print book after a long day at the office is easier than reading a book containing a  normal size text font. 

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