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Why do we carry Vintage Skunk Books?

In 1999 were requested from a friend to see if we could sell their skunk books on eEbay under Tyger01.  We were just starting out to sell on Ebay and were very new to selling.   We listed the first skunk book on Ebay and right afterwards looked to see if what the new online auction it looked like.  The first book was sold in 1 minute – we did not even have the chance to view it!      We sold many of these books to current and future Skunk owners- around the world!   We left selling eBay in early 2004 and recently decided to open our online store – TygerOnline.com/store was brought to life.  

As part of our TygerOnline store opening,  we have taken out small selection of our Skunk books, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books out of storage. 

The current Skunk book we are selling is published in 1967; written by Charles Hume.  Each book is covered in a shrink wrap / plastic.  They are jammed packed and full of information – perfect from someone who wants to have a Skunk as a pet.   

Check out our Skunk book available for your purchase from our store!  We will be adding other books to this store over time!  Check us out!