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These books are known by a bunch of different names:  Harry Potter Deluxe Gift edition or Harry Potter Deluxe edition or even Harry Potter Deluxe Collectors edition to name a few.  The characteristics of the Harry Potter Deluxe Edition book series are each of the Harry Potter books are hardcover books, bound in different color publisher’s cloth with the title and author’s facsimile signature in gold blocked in gilt on the front cover.  All of the pages edges are with a gold gilt with a ribbon page marker.  These books were printed and published by Bloomsbury in the UK.  

The Harry Potter Philosopher’s stone book has a red cloth cover; while the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets from this edition has a blue cloth cover.    

These books are highly sought after since there are the ONLY Harry Potter editions with a cloth cover and gilted pages.     These books were published from 1999 – 2007.

At TygerOnline, we carry the Harry Potter Deluxe 1st editions available for your purchase from our store!   All of these types of books from this Harry Potter collection are published and printed by Bloomsbury, UK.  Check them out!  We ship worldwide!